Japanese anime series list

Explore a curated list of the best Japanese anime series that will captivate you with their compelling storylines and stunning animation. Discover your next favorite series and immerse yourself in the world of Japanese animation.
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WHAT IS YOUR ANIME SERIES TITLE? USE YOUR LAST INITIAL TO FIND THE THIRD WORD USE YOUR MIDDLE INITIAL TO FIND THE SECOND WORD A Princess B = Planet C = Blade USE YOUR FIRST INITIAL TO FIND THE FIRST WORD A= Forever B Detectives C Memories D = Outlaw E = Chaos F Go! G = Overture H = 9000 1 = Super! A= Vampire at C-Death D = Mermaid Infinite F Quantum G Endless H-Bravo 1 = Magical-= Goddess J = Neon K-Omega | K-Star L-Robo. M Gothic N = Peach | F = Soldier G Waitress H-Handkerchief | | Zero…

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