Japanese maple varieties

Discover a variety of stunning Japanese maple trees to add a touch of elegance to your garden. Explore top ideas for incorporating these unique trees into your outdoor space.
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Today we are going to look at those Japanese maples that are best suited to growing in full sun. In addition to their excellent tolerance to direct sun, they also have very high ornamental values. Bloodgood Japanese Maple Bloodgood is one of the best Japanese maples for full sun. It can grow in zones 5-9 ...

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The delicate, finely cut leaves of dwarf Japanese maples are simply stunning, reminding us of various things. Their varied leaf colors offer a range of choices. I've picked out 20 of the best dwarf Japanese maples for you in this article. I hope this guide assists you in finding the ideal maple for your needs. ...

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Trees, shrubs, ornamental grasses, bamboos and vines can all provide privacy in a garden. Evergreen plants are best for year-round color and screening. A hedge of multi-stemmed trees or shrubs is an effective privacy fence and gives a formal look, but hedges must be pruned at least once each year to keep their shape.

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Japanese Maples are not native to North America but they are becoming more and more common understory trees in our landscapes. Learn where and how to plant them in landscapes big and small. They are used primarily for their stunning beauty in the woodland garden and are available in a wide variety o

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