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Step back in time to the vibrant Jazz Age era with our collection of ideas and inspiration. Explore the music, fashion, and culture that defined an unforgettable decade.
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Listen to this episode from Manny Pacheco's Forgotten Hollywood on Spotify. This entire Forgotten Hollywood podcast series has skirted with the notion that Jazz was the music of choice throughout Hollywood's Golden Age. Today, we target this uniquely American product. The songs... The artists... All that Jazz! Broadcaster Joe Lyons jazzes up his Backlot report, with news and notes that reference Hollywood's past.

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US History: 9.04 Describe challenges to traditional practices in religion, race, and gender. During the 1920s, traditional social norms were challenged. Among the norms challenged were how women were supposed to behave. This picture shows flappers, icons of new found sexual freedom for women. This allows students to understand what flappers looked like and how their style of dress differed from women before them.

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The Roaring Twenties is a phrase used to describe the 1920s, principally in North America, but also in London, Berlin and Paris. The phrase was meant to emphasize the period’s socia…

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