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Enter the enchanting world of Jellicle Cats and discover their secret lives. Explore top ideas to celebrate these iconic feline characters and embrace the magic of the Jellicle Ball.
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Munkustrap is a principal character in Cats. He is the leader of the tribe in the absence of Old Deuteronomy. In the musical, he fulfills the narrator role, breaking the fourth wall to explain the plot to the audience and introducing a few of the featured characters. Munkustrap is a leader and protector to the Jellicle cats. He is responsible and brave, with a commanding presence, but is also genial and friendly when not alarmed by a perceived threat. He loves and enjoys the company of his…

Bombalurina | 'Cats' Musical Wiki | Fandom Musicals, Female Singers, Cats The Musical Costume, Cat Comics, Headcanon, Fandoms, Gatos, Pretty Cats

Bombalurina is a principal character in Cats. She is one of the main female singers, helping to introduce many of the other cats, and is a featured dancer as well. She is particularly noted for her duet with Demeter in "Macavity the Mystery Cat". Bombalurina doesn't lack when it comes to self-confidence and sensuality. She is especially close to Demeter and the two are rarely apart. Bombalurina doesn't lack when it comes to self-confidence and is very direct about her feelings toward the…

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Jennyanydots | 'Cats' Musical Wiki | Fandom Musicals, Dolls, Fandom, Art, Cats Musical, Elaine Paige, Cat Character, Fandoms, Headcanon

Jennyanydots is a featured character in the musical Cats. Known among the tribe as the "Gumbie Cat", she spends her days lazing around, but come nighttime, she gets to work running the household while the family are asleep. Jennyanydots is a kind, doting, motherly character. She spends her days sitting on "anything that's smooth and flat", but come nighttime is up and about running the household. She humbly works while the family are asleep, oblivious to her contributions. She takes a vested…

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