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Discover the beauty of Kerala mural paintings and bring an artistic touch to your space. Explore top ideas to incorporate these vibrant and intricate artworks into your home decor.
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Radha Madhavam, The relationship of Radha and Krishna is the embodiment of love, passion and devotion Lakshmi narayana - Lakshmi sitting on Thighs of Lord Vishnu. Dimensions - Height x Width 1. 24 X 24 inches 2. 36 x 24 inches 3. 36 x 36 inches 4. 42 x 30 inches 5. 46 x 36 inches 6. 48 x 42 inches 7. 46 x 48 inches 8.60 x 46 inches 9. 72 x 46 inches 10. 72 x 60 inches. 10 options are available for purchase. In addition to these dimensions, CUSTOMIZATION AVAILABLE FOR SIZE AND THEME. Material…

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