Kitchen vent

Improve the air quality in your kitchen with these modern vent ideas. Discover how to efficiently remove smoke, odors, and steam from your cooking space.
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Five Kitchen Renovation Secrets Number 4! Replace your microwave with a range hood the easier way. If your microwave vents to the outside, use this hack to replace it with a beautiful vent hood!

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We've reached the last project I completed for the Kitchen Reno Series. This one I did a couple of months ago since we've been in quarantine. As I mentioned in a previous post, I had lots of inspiration for the build. But at some point you just have to get to work. Going back to the beginning, we had a microwave over the cooktop initially. I moved it to a new cabinet and added a vent hood last year, but plans to build a wood vent hood got put on hold. To begin, I removed the cabinet doors…

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