Kitchenaid mashed potatoes recipe

Learn how to make the most delicious and fluffy mashed potatoes using a KitchenAid mixer. Follow this easy recipe and impress your family and friends with the perfect side dish for any meal.
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KitchenAid mashed potatoes make a wonderful side to any meal and are flavorful enough for your holiday dinners. Making mashed potatoes with a stand mixer is super simple and ensures a soft, velvety texture. The easy mashed potatoes recipe includes make-ahead tips and the best variations.

Mikala Francis
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These easy sour cream mashed potatoes are rich and creamy, and they're done in minutes with almost no prep time. If you like those oh-so-convenient Bob Evans mashed potatoes from the grocery store you'll love this copycat recipe. Make ahead and freezable, too!

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Make ahead mashed potatoes are the best idea for a crowd at the holidays! You'll love these easy, creamy potatoes which you can make the day before. Heat them up in a casserole in the oven, in the microwave, or in a slow cooker (crockpot)! Perfect for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, or any other holiday.

Joyce Allen