Knight in shining armor

Transform into a heroic knight in shining armor with these romantic costume ideas. Find the perfect outfit to impress your loved ones and make a grand entrance at your next event.
Medieval themed wedding outfits Suggested Wedding Ceremony Details  For a medieval-themed wedding the ceremony should be ornate with a Middle/Dark Age feel. The bridal party outfits could really set the stage- imagine having your guests walk into a ceremony where the groom is dressed like a prince and his groomsmen in knightly outfits! Just make sure you don't go cheap on the outfits; there is a huge difference between cheesy-feeling cloth outfits made in China and genuine cotton outfits with g

A medieval wedding themed wedding can be the epitome of eloquence or the cheesiest wedding experience you have ever experienced. If you are thinking of going this route, go all out. You don't necessarily...

Sherri Filley