Krampus card

Send a chilling holiday greeting with our collection of unique and spooky Krampus card ideas. Explore the dark side of the season and surprise your loved ones with a card they won't forget.
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Another very splendid Krampus illustrator is Melita 'Miss Monster' Curphy. I really love how she designs her krampus cards. Even with her modern character design style I think these could have fit in nicely in the old world. I missed out on this print because I see that it is sold out now. I hope she prints more. lots more. The Gruss vom Krampus! at the bottom means "Greetings from Krampus". Something that was commonly written on most holiday cards that depicted the krampus (also written on…

Lisa Vasilopoulos
Krampus roasting hearts

"Greetings from Krampus," a German Christmas legend applied to Valentine's Day. Not looking forward to Valentine's Day? Consider a Vinegar Valentine. Costing only a penny to send, Vinegar Valentines were also called 'Penny Dreadfuls.' An invention of the late-nineteenth century, they were typically sent unsigned. These cards ridiculed the men and women who received them with equal abandon, poking fun at looks, faithfulness, greed, and one's ability to sing. I found hundreds of these cards…

Annie Haddlesey