Kyoshi warrior

Unleash your inner warrior with these Kyoshi cosplay ideas. Find inspiration to create an impressive Kyoshi Warrior costume and become a fierce defender of justice.
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I really wanted to finally get into game character creation and learn the proper workflow, so I restricted myself to a poly budget of about 100.000 and two 4k texture sets and chose Suki from Avatar: The Last Airbender as subject of my re-interpretation. Hope you like it! Special thanks to Paul Siedler and Vivien Lulkowski for their valuable input and feedback!

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BONUS: You guys LOVE Avatar Inspired Workouts. Which means I'm just going to keep them coming for you. We already have our Avatar: The Last Airbender Mini-Workout Database, which I linked to above as well, and recently even tacked on an Avatar Workout Placement Quiz to find the best routine for you specifically. Now we're going to be adding The Leader of The Kyoshi Warriors as well as a handful of other Avatar characters to our Anime Workouts Database in the coming weeks. I really like being…

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