Land of the lost

Embark on an adventure to the mysterious Land of the Lost. Discover hidden treasures, encounter ancient creatures, and unravel the secrets of this enigmatic land.
Sleestaks…#1, #2, and #3...Land Of The Lost Childhood, Films, Anos 80, Badass, Younger, Kinder, Comic Con, Creepy, Criss

The Sleestak are a species of large green-hued sapients notable for a combination of both reptilian and insectoid features. According to the Library of Skulls, their population is quite minor, with only 7,000 existing. Possessing both reptilian and insectoid features, they have scaly green skin and a neck frill, bulbous unblinking eyes (which are likely faceted like an insect's), claw-pincer-like hand-equivalents, stiffened stubby tails, and a solitary blunt horn at the top of their head…

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