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Available in 31 standard colors (including Ficus), Metro is a sophisticated upholstery leather with a hand-tipped finish that accentuates its naturalistic grain and looks absolutely beautiful in bright, primary hues and muted neutrals alike. Upholstery Fabric, Green Leather, Leather Texture, Leather Material, Imitation Leather, Leather Fabric, Color Design, Leather Upholstery Fabric, Leather Design

Metro is an essential upholstery leather with a rich two-tone finish. Befitting subtle and bold colors alike, this leather’s sophisticated, complex appearance is the result of receiving a hand-wiped finish after its initial dyeing and coloration. This artisanal process accentuates the leather’s distinguishing texture while enabling its complementary colors to come to life. Metro’s uniform grain can be embossed onto either full grain or top grain hides depending on the project’s needs and…