Ledge decor

Transform your empty ledges into stylish focal points with these creative decor ideas. Discover how to showcase your favorite items and add personality to your space.
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Snake plant basket ledge

Do you have ledges in your house you have no idea what to do with like me? Well I have an idea for you today! I have been staring at this ledge for years without a clue what to put there. Or leave it blank. Shelves? Fill it in? Finally I decided to throw a… Read More Snake plant basket ledge

Kate Kessler
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23 Stunning Ledge Ideas That Will Transform Your Living Room

Have a high ledge in your living room? Or maybe you're thinking to decorate with a ledge over your couch? For this post, I have gathered the 23 most creative ledge ideas for your living room to take inspiration from. These ideas also work for high shelves, wall decor living room, or if you're just looking for inspiration on what to do with the empty ledges in your living room. These ledge decor ideas show inspo for frame arrangements, layering picture frames, and deciding on a theme.