Lee jong

Discover the incredible talent of Lee Jong, a rising star in the entertainment industry. Learn about his journey, his unique style, and why he is capturing the attention of audiences worldwide.
[HanCinema's News] Lee Jong-suk Announces March 8th Date for Military Service Yongin, Jong Suk Wallpaper, Lee Jong Suk Wallpaper, Lee Jong Suk Cute, Kang Chul, Korea Południowa, Lee Jung Suk, Park Bogum, Han Hyo Joo

A-Man Project, the agency representing Lee Jong-suk, put out an announcement on February 26th. In it, they confirmed that Lee Jong-suk would begin his mandatory two year military service on March 8th, Doctor Stranger, Hymn of Death, I Hear Your Voice, Pinocchio, Romance is a Bonus Book, Secret Garden, W, While You Were Sleeping - 2017, Lee Jong-suk

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