Leopard tortoise habitat indoor

Learn how to create a comfortable and safe indoor habitat for your leopard tortoise. Find top ideas and tips to provide the ideal environment for your pet.

We seem to constantly have threads asking for advice on indoor set ups so I thought it would be useful if we had a sticky for people to post their pictures...

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Tortoises make amazing pets, but they do require lots of research and initial out lay but honestly, get the basics like food and shelter correct, and they are pretty low maintenance on a daily basi…

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Tortoises are relatively easy pets to raise, although you will need some special equipment. Baby tortoises do not need to be treated much different than adults, except that you should take extra care to protect them from any outside...

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Live Plants To Buy For A Tortoise Enclosure Choosing tortoise-friendly plants is an important aspect of setting up your tortoise’s enclosure. In the wild, tortoises are surrounded by lush vegetation that they use both as food and shelter from the heat and predators. While your home is safe and free from any predators, your tortoise will still prefer a variety of live and edible plants inside its enclosure. However, keeping plants for tortoise habitat alive long enough can be challenging as…

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While keeping a turtle indoors is not the preferred option, you can select the correct type of fence to make it more palatable. Learn what turtles need and how best to provide them.For all animals in captivity, it is ideal to provide a home as similar as possible to the natural environment of the animal, especially for turtles, even for living outdoors. Turtles are generally best kept in outdoor enclosures in climates similar to their natural environment. Try to keep an arid climate...