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Engage and entertain visitors of all ages with our collection of interactive library games. Discover a wide range of educational and exciting games that make learning fun at your library.
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Take a trip with your kids to your local library and explore your library and all it's library books adventure with our Library Books Scavenger Hunt for kids! This is a great way to get kids excited about reading and finding new library books.

Deja Edmund
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Turn a normal library trip into a treasure hunt adventure your kids will love using this free printable library scavenger hunt BINGO game. It’s official. Summer is here. The last bell has rung, and we are FREE until August. I have big plans for the summer…hopefully not too big. I’m trying to balance the desire...Read More

Tiffany Riggins
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It has been such a busy year that I haven't had a chance to change my centers much, but a few weekends ago I got busy and finished up a couple of new centers that I have been trying to put together since the beginning of the year. I only put them out every other week because I need the tables for 2nd-5th grade lessons every other week, so maybe it wasn't noticed as much as it might have been if I had permanent weekly centers. I was able to put out the new centers this week and the kids seem…

Ines Valencia