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Discover creative ideas to enhance light reflection in your space and create a bright and inviting atmosphere. Explore how you can use mirrors, glass surfaces, and other techniques to maximize natural and artificial light.
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Japanese designer Tokujin Yoshioka will exhibit a glass window made of 500 crystal prisms at MUSEUM. beyond museum in Seoul this May. Called Rainbow Church, the eight metre-high installation will create rainbows within the space as the light is refracted. More about Tokujin Yoshioka on Dezeen in our special category. The information below is from

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Much of my life, I've loved the net shaped light patterns that dance off water onto walls, onto the surface below the water, the sand or river bed or onto creatures swimming in the water. Water spangled, dappled, sparkling, rippling with light. Photo credit: Often these patterns can be seen on the surface of swimming pool water or on the walls of the swimming pool itself. Sometimes, sitting in the cabin of a boat, the light patterns play on the walls. So I collected images of…

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Light reflects from a smooth surface at the same angle as it hits the surface. For a smooth surface, reflected light rays travel in the same direction. This is called specular reflection. For a rough surface, reflected light rays scatter in all directions. This is called diffuse reflection.

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