Light salad dressing

Discover a variety of delicious and healthy salad dressing recipes that are light and flavorful. Elevate your salad game with these easy-to-make dressings that will make your taste buds happy.
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Simple, healthy, and ready in 5 minutes, this Lemon Vinaigrette will soon become one of your favorite go-to salad dressings! Olive oil is blended together with fresh lemon juice, zest, honey, mustard, and a touch of fresh herbs to make this light and refreshing recipe.

Diana Petro
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Who needs to buy bottled dressings when you can make Light Caesar Dressing at home in just about 5 minutes? Easy and delicious! Before I get too deep into the recipe process, I thought I'd just lay it all out there: this is honestly the BEST caesar dressing I've ever had, regardless of being light

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There's a reason why this Green Goddess Salad is going viral on all the social media platforms! It's flavorful, easy, and addictive and loaded with healthy green at only 93 calories per serving! Simple ingredients - plus a creamy homemade salad dressing! Who says that eating salad has to be boring? This Green Goddess Salad