Linocut printmaking

Explore the art of linocut printmaking and discover unique techniques and designs to bring your creativity to life. Get inspired and start creating your own stunning linocut prints today.
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PRINT PROCESSES: TECHNIQUES The listings below describe the principal techniques in traditional and contemporary printmaking. Each of the various methods of printmaking yields a distinctive appearance, and an artist will choose a technique in order to achieve a specific, desired effect. Artists may, and do, combine different techniques. Since some modern techniques are quite complicated, some artists collaborate with a master printer to help create the final work. There are…

Trey King
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It took me years of dedicated practise to realize that there are techniques available to me in linocut that are unique and wonderful and better than drawing in certain respects. I’m here to share my most effective strategies with you so that you can have a similar experience and learn to love this medium like I do.

Arturo Fuentes