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I saw this book in Hobby Lobby one day, and it was calling my name..... It had a gorgeous hooked canvas journal book cover on the front...I waited and waited for awhile, then I caved in and bought it....Theresa Pulido is the rug hooking artist/ author, and she has a website devoted to locker hooking with videos, free patterns and gorgeous fabric strips. Locker hooking is a vintage method of rug hooking, where after you pull up 4-5 loops on a special long crochet hook with the hook at one end…

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Do you have scrap fabrics? Well locker hooking is the perfect way to use up lots of left over fabrics. Even fabrics that you wonder what was I thinking buying that.....well gather it up and let's make some coasters. Here is what you will need....a locker hook (looks like a crochet hook with an eye in one end, a tapestry needle, scrap fabrics, cotton twine, a rotary cutter or scissors, latch hook canvas, and scrap fabric. Cut your canvas to the size desired.....I cut mine 24 holes x 24 holes…

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I've been fascinated with locker hooking since Vicki posted about her project some time ago. It's a craft where you take strips of fabric, "hook" them through a mesh canvas, and then "lock" them down by running a cotton string through the loops. There's not a lot on information on locker hooking on the web, but this site, which sells supplies, including patterns, also has a very useful tutorial that can get you started. You use up a lot of strips of fabric in this craft. I of course have…

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