Locker wallpaper

Transform your locker into a stylish and unique space with these creative locker wallpaper ideas. Add your personal touch and make your locker stand out from the crowd.
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DIY Locker Wallpaper For a Fraction of the Price!

DIY Locker Wallpaper For a Fraction of the Price! This year my daughter starts middle school. Along with that rite of passage comes her first time using a locker. She was so excited and wanted to get dress up her locker and make it cool. I get that. Until I priced the stuff. The majority […]

Cha N Nate Davis
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Study Tips✨

Study Tips✨Make sure you get everything you need from school. Maybe even make a list✨Get a small snack if you are planning on studying for a long time like an hour or 30 min. And take a small break to eat it halfway thought your studying. Ex. If you are studying for an hour, stop at 30 min. Take a small break to eat your snack but no more than a 10 min break. Make sure you go to the bathroom before you study so you don't have to get up during studying and get off track. 👍Don't wait the…


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