Malaysian food desserts

Indulge in the flavors of Malaysia with these mouthwatering desserts. From traditional favorites to modern twists, discover a variety of treats that will leave you craving for more.
KARI LEAFS ... Malaysian flavour's: COCONUT CANDY Snacks, Coconut Candy, Milk Recipes, Toasted Coconut, Condensed Milk, Indian Sweets, Malay Food, Malaysian Dessert, Malaysian Food Desserts

COCONUT CANDY 500 gm grated white coconut 500 gm condensed milk (1 tin) 3 tbsp milk powder 350 gm sugar 2 tbsp ghee or butter 1 tbsp vanilla essence A few drop of food colouring of your choices 1 11 x 8 inches square tin lightly grease In a wok add in coconut,sugar and condensed milk and cook over a low heat . Stirring continuously until it becames thick. Add in the food colouring and stir well. Stir continuously until it becames very thick add in the vanilla and butter and stir well. Stir…

Rani Robert