Marine chronometer

Discover the history and functionality of marine chronometers, essential instruments for accurate timekeeping at sea. Find top marine chronometer models and learn how they revolutionized navigation.
Antique Marine Chronometer by Dobbie McInnis, Glasgow, circa 1920 Patek Philippe, Steampunk, Glasgow, Industrial, Marine Chronometer, Chronometer Watch, Antique Clocks, Mechanical Watch, Navy Ships

Marine Chronometer by Dobbie McInnes No. 10031. Three-tier mahogany box with inset cartouche signed Dobbie McInnes Ltd 10031, Glasgow. Inset brass carrying handles, brass escutcheon to the base, ‘push button’ decorated brass knob opening the third tier. The movement has spotted brass plates with four pillars and ten jewels with Harrison’s maintaining power, Earnshaw type spring detent with split bi-metallic balance with cylindrical temperature compensation weights, steel helical balance and…

Paul Williams