Matcha drink

Indulge in the vibrant flavors of matcha with these delicious drink recipes. Discover refreshing ways to enjoy matcha and treat yourself to a satisfying and energizing beverage.
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Dalgona coffee recipes have recently taken the internet by storm. The name Dalgona is the South Korean word for a type of honeycomb candy. So, as you can imagine, Dalgona coffee is made by whipping equal parts instant coffee powder, sugar, and cream – a sugary, overly caffeinated dream. Swap the coffee, sugar and jitters for matcha, oat milk and coconut cream, and you’ve got yourself a light, fluffy and naturally sweetened latte that won’t leave you with that awful sugary coffee crash…

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This delicious Star Drink (Starbucks Copycat Recipe) blends refreshing starfruit juice, kiwi juice, coconut milk, and ice. To make it even more like the Starbucks version, you can also mix in some real chopped kiwi pieces. It is the perfect summer drink to try this year!

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