Media bias

Discover the hidden agenda behind media bias and learn how to identify and navigate through it. Stay informed and make your own informed decisions with unbiased and reliable sources.
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To any entrepreneur who is skeptical about today’s social media enterprise, you have to be totally connected with everyone who sees your brand. Previously, we would look at some TV commercial and think “It looks

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Even my students who “don’t have time” for homework spend 2-3 hours a day on Facebook, YouTube, and Netflix. Our students consume media in amazing quantities, and it’s said that traditional advertising doesn’t work on their generation. As advertisers become more and more savvy in an attempt to break through to their younger listeners, it’s important that students understand how to identify the ways in which a speaker could be manipulating their emotions and instincts. Here are some…

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Unconscious biases are inner predispositions that color our interaction with individuals of different races, genders, or demographic factors than us. While we all know the multiple benefits of diversity, our unconscious biases may be inhibiting us from harnessing the full advantages of an inclusive workplace. Our patterns of networking, brainstorming, and even hiring may fall … Continued

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