Medical themed parties

Throw a memorable medical themed party with these creative ideas. From doctor costumes to syringe shot glasses, find everything you need to host a fun-filled event.
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Hello, my name is Sarah and this is my daughter, Zoey. Join the club Facebook Wordpress Youtube Instagram Congratulations Nurses! Congratulations on completing nursing school! Here are some ideas and tips for an awesome nursing school graduation party: Making it through nursing school takes a lot of discipline, strength, and patience —so it’s worth celebrating! As the massive accomplishment it is, your graduation deserves a memorable party. From the invites and decor to the food and drinks…

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Nate and Chesney had already moved out of state where she would begin her surgery residency soon, so we wanted to make it a combo graduation/going away party. They flew home for the weekend graduation ceremony, so we scheduled a Saturday afternoon medical school graduation party to give them to time to have a special lunch with her family.

Pin the Bandaid on the Booboo ~ Nurse graduation / medical themed party

Pin the Bandaid on the Booboo ~ Nurse graduation / medical themed party

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