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Explore a variety of interactive and thought-provoking metaphor activities that will ignite your creativity. Discover how to use metaphors effectively in your writing and communication.
Fun Simile & Metaphor Activities. Translate in Spanish to show the difference. Metaphor Poem, What Is A Metaphor, Metaphor Poems, Metaphor Activities, Ib Classroom, Poetic Devices, Similes And Metaphors, Mystery Writing, 5th Grade Reading

People often find the distinction between metaphors and similes a difficult concept to master. Teaching these subjects using fun activities makes the challenging topic easier to learn. These activities do not take much preparation, but get your whole class or group involved. Be sure to provide your students with lots ...

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This product will help students identify similes and metaphors and distinguish between them.Included:* Color the box with the correct figure of speech (2 pages)* Cut and paste the sentences under the correct figure of speech*  Assessment page* My similes and metaphors bookletThis product is aligned with the following Common Core standard:Identify Similes and Metaphors ( 4.L.4.5.a and 5.L.5.5.a)Happy teaching!Quality Learning Resources

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