Microwave grill

Discover mouthwatering recipes for microwave grilled dishes that are quick and easy to make. Enhance your cooking experience with the convenience of a microwave grill.
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My Microwave Grill Pan

Have I told you all how much I LOVE this Microwave Grill pan? Talk about a gadget that saves you time and still gives you the wonderful look and taste of using the grill! This Microwave Grill pan is a must have kitchen gadget! I got this last winter when it was too cold to grill outside and I just love it! I was skeptical at first. I am not a fan of the microwave other than heating up coffee and warming up left overs. We all know that steaks usually taste horrible reheated in the microwave…

Jean Haupt
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These 7 Clever Products Will Let You Do So Much More with Your Microwave

Dorm life doesn’t normally allow for a lot of great cooking options. You’re pretty much limited to whatever you can make in a microwave or with hot water if you’re allowed to have an electric kettle. Luckily there are tons of new products that make it easier to actually cook in your microwave. It might not be exactly the same as cooking on a stove, but it’s still better than getting every meal from the dining hall.

Kathy Mehta