Military relationships

Discover tips and advice for navigating military relationships. From communication strategies to maintaining a strong connection, find ways to thrive in your military relationship.
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When I first started dating my husband you would not believe the stories I thought were true. I didn't know any better and chose to believe what others told me. While this was very dumb of me at the time, I've learned quite a bit over the years. I hope after reading this post you will not make the same mistakes I did! 1. "You can visit your boyfriend/girlfriend anytime you would like." You may have paid for a flight a month in advance to go visit, but the military can still say no. Believe…

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23 Memes That Explain What Going Through A Deployment is Really Like - Soldier's Wife, Crazy Life Military Wife Quotes, Deployment Quotes, Military Relationships, Spouse Quotes, Military Life Quotes, Marines Girlfriend, Wife Life, Military Quotes, Military Wife

23 Memes That Explain What Going Through A Deployment is Really Like Deployments come, deployments go. Through having to say goodbye, to the long and lonely nights, to planning for that homecoming day. What better way to explain how a deployment really is then a meme... Saying goodbye is never easy and you never truly

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