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Unleash your child's curiosity with Montessori science activities. Discover hands-on experiments and educational resources to foster a love for learning in your little one.
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Here’s our unit studies shelf with many of our Astronomy materials. This is our Solar System basket. I paper mache’d the foam planets from a kit in order to make them more durable. The booklet has a great song entitled “The Family of the Sun”. I used a product called sculptamold on this styrofoam […]

Mikieng Sanchez Fong
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Today I'm sharing a few magnetic activities that I've used with my preschooler. Sorting Magnetic and Non-Magnetic items is a well known Montessori activity but what else can children learn about magnets in the early years? Wand Magnet & Iron Filings - the child can use the wand magnet to attract the iron filings and move them around the case and out of the red coloured sand. Wand Magnet with DIY Cases - including paper clips, short lengths of chenille twistable stems (pipe cleaners), and…

Hager Tarek
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We always enjoy learning about birds! From eggs, to feathers, to nests, there is a lot to explore. One of our readers, Dagmar Brumovska shared this fantastic bird egg activity with us… including a free printable! You can find this printable in Dagmar’s brand new TpT store HERE. (While Dagmar’s egg printable makes a fun […]

Seemi @ Trillium Montessori