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The Best Puch Maxi Mopeds | Puch Mopeds

Discover here some of the nicest Puch Maxi mopeds in the world. A bronze Puch Maxi N, a red Puch Maxi K, A custom Green Puch Maxi KL and many more!

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Few bikes can claim the cult status of the iconic Honda Cub. The adorable underbone scooter has been in constant production since 1958, with over 100 million units made. And the design has been cloned countless times. This custom scooter from Taiwan contains Cub DNA, but you’d never guess—because it’s stretched to breaking point. It’s the latest build from AFS Custom Bikes of Tainan City, and uses the engine from a Cub clone made by SYM. It's a reincarnation of the classic Cub vibe, six…