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Discover how to create stunning mosaic portraits that capture the essence of your subject. Explore top ideas to add a unique and artistic touch to your home decor or personal collection.
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Whether it’s the eloquent floors of the ancient city of Pompeii or the funky walls of the New York subway, humans have been creating Most Intelligent Mosaic Art Works and Practices as they embody grandeur and appeal. The history of mosaics can be dated to the times of Mesopotamians in the 3rd Millennium BC and is prevalent to date. The technique makes use of tiny pieces of colored glass, and other materials in order to create an artistic image. The Most Intelligent Mosaic Art Works and…

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At the heart of Matt Small’s practice is the idea that “there’s always potential within everything.” The British artist gravitates toward an overarching theme of disregard in both subject matter and material, choosing oxidized hunks of iron, bits of patinaed copper, and crinkled aluminum strips that have been relegated to the trash to construct his metallic portraits. Expressive and emotionally charged, the corroded mosaics link rampant overconsumption and widespread tendencies to throw away…

Tobi Reichensberger
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A picture might be worth a thousand words but National Geographic photos leave us speechless. Known for their captivating daily pictures, they also offer an opportunity to dive into the photo archives of previously unpublished or forgotten works.

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