Mulch glue recipe

Create a beautiful and weed-free garden with this easy DIY mulch glue recipe. Learn how to make your own natural adhesive and keep your mulch in place all season long.
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If you've ever laid mulch or gravel you know easily it can get misplaced. Especially if you have little ones running around. When we installed pavers in our back yard I wasn't thinking ahead and after filling the joints with loose gravel, we quickly realized we needed a solution. Enter, Mulch Glue! WHAT IS MULCH

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About this item VERSATILE: Prevents movement of mulch, rock, sand, gravel, pebbles, and more caused by rain, wind, wildlife, mowers, leaf blowers, pets, and other sources NO MIXING REQUIRED: Premixed, no water or measuring required! Our concentrated formula does the hard work for you, so all you have to do is shake VIGOROUSLY, pour into a garden sprayer (sold separately) and spray! LONG LASTING: Engineered to last up to 1 year! Water-based formula for safe and efficent hold. FAST-DRYING…

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Question: What is mulch glue? I’ve come across the term while researching gardening supplies, but I’m not familiar with it. Can you provide a brief explanation? – James P. Gardening Channel Replies: Mulch glue, also known as mulch adhesive or mulch binder, is a product designed to help secure mulch in place, preventing it from […]

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