Music theory games

Enhance your understanding of music theory while having fun with these interactive and educational games. Explore a variety of games that make learning music theory enjoyable and engaging.
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I feel like I am always in search of good, fun, and free music theory games in my piano lessons that are painless to throw together. I wanted them in one place to just refer back to when I need music theory concepts that I want to teach or review and have fun at the […]

Zoe McKenzie
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Pass the Shoe is a fantastic song for practicing steady beat in the elementary music classroom. It's a short song with a catchy tune, making it easy for students to internalize. The accompanying game can be modified in multiple ways to fit nearly any age group and skill level.

Christine Sass
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Coming up with engaging games for a middle school classroom can be daunting. They are at an age where they want to be independent, yet need some hand holding. They start the “I’m too cool for school” attitude and it can be intimidating at times when you introduce a new game or project - immediately the eye rolling takes over and you are stuck with questioning yourself. I’m here to tell you, I’VE BEEN THERE! It is incredibly frustrating when you are put in a situation like that, but I’m here…

Mandarina Gundín