Native plant gardening

Transform your garden with these easy and beautiful native plant gardening ideas. Create a vibrant and sustainable landscape that attracts local wildlife and requires less maintenance.
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Native Plant Garden Tour: the Artistic Garden in Spring

This is a secret garden!Cross VineMy friend and native plant gardener, Alice, describes herself as a late comer to native plants. I say she is an artist whose palette is native plants. The results are enchanting. There are so many ideas to borrow from her garden. Growing Many SpeciesOne is an approach that defies traditional garden design advice to place plants in groups of odd numbers, 3s, 5s, or 7s, to create mass of color or texture. While Alice employs this technique in a few places, she…

Laci Delong
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How To Start A Native Plant Garden - Virginia Native Plant Society

How do I start? Many people wrestle with this question after deciding they want to transform their existing yard into a native plant garden. When Susan and Jim Graham first made that decision they described their existing yard as “ mostly turf grass with an azalea mustache;” a look typical of many of the landscapes…

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