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Messier 57 - The Ring Nebula Credit: NASA/ESA HST, Spitzer ST, Giuseppe Donatiello RA: 283,387° Dec: 33,026 The Ring Nebula (Messier 57 or NGC 6720) is a planetary nebula in Lyra and it is illuminated by a central white dwarf or planetary nebula nucleus (PNN) of 15.75 visual magnitude. All the interior parts of this nebula have a blue-green tinge that is caused by the doubly ionized oxygen emission lines at 495.7 and 500.7 nm. In the outer region of the ring, part of the reddish hue is…

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Located in Carina and not far from the Southern Cross, NGC 3576, with those sweeping horns of nebulosity, looks like a magnificent Ibex mountain goat. Orion Optics UK AG12 F3.8 Starlightxpress SXVR-H694, SX USB CFW, SX OAG unit + Atlas Focuser SIIHaOIII = 292 260 120min = 11.2hrs total exposure (bin 1X1) Using new Astronomik 6nm Narrowband filters -20C chip temp, flats used but no dark frames. Focal length 1120mm Image scale 0.84"/pix Guide Camera: Starlightxpress Lodestar Comments Taken…

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