Neo Dada

Discover the fascinating world of Neo Dada, a groundbreaking artistic movement that challenged traditional notions of art and embraced unconventional approaches. Learn about the philosophy behind Neo Dada and how it continues to inspire creativity today.
Interview: Zeren Badar | The Oxford Student Neo Dada, Graffiti, Buy Art, Parody, Fotografia, Photographer, Fotos, Conceptual, Fotografie

Tongue wryly in cheek, “penniless photographer” Zeren Badar ‘accidentally’ layers found objects (cereal, fridge magnets, rubber bands) on top of cheap reprints of older, often classic, paintings to create temporary Duchampian readymades which are destroyed after they’re photographed. The juxtaposition of these seemingly incompatible materials produces fun works that question how we value the art work we see, how we see the genre of still life and how the creative capacity of our breakfast…

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