New nintendo 3ds xl aesthetic

Enhance your gaming experience with these aesthetic ideas for the new Nintendo 3DS XL. Discover unique designs and accessories to personalize your console and make it truly yours.
SNES Edition Decal for the New 3DS Not the XL by epicpalDesigns

- These Super Famicom SNES PAL inspired skins will help cover and protect your New Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 3DS XL from scratches - The New 3DS skin covers your cover plates completely, and the New 3DS XL model covers your console mimicking the shape of a New 3DS plate. Check out the photos for more details. It also includes parts to cover the screen and buttons for both models - Not compatible with the regular 3DS, regular 3DS XL or 2DS - The material used is premium vinyl with a matte…

Darren Browne