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The New York Times Promised Me "Plush Chicken." Here's What I Got. Healthy Recipes, Recipes, Ina Garten, Cooking Recipes, New York Times Cooking, Interesting Food Recipes, Savory Salads, Savory Chicken, Healthy Foods To Make

There are many words used to describe cooked chicken — tender and juicy immediately come to mind — but in all my years of cooking and recipe testing, I don’t think I’ve ever heard it described as “plush.” That is, until I began researching the best chicken salad recipes and came across a very unique one from The New York Times.

Donna Younts
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Recipe video above. This is a wildly popular raw Broccoli Salad by Melissa Clark of the New York Times. The red wine vinegar lightly "cooks" the broccoli so it's not as hard as plain raw broccoli, then it's marinated in an intensely flavoured cumin, garlic and sesame infused olive oil. It is unexpectedly good, it's unique, and I keep making it so I wanted to share the recipe.Not a fan of raw broccoli? This probably isn't the dish to convert you, I'll admit. Try instead just lightly steaming…