Nickel free diet

Discover helpful tips and delicious recipes to maintain a nickel-free diet. Improve your health and well-being with these nickel-free options for a balanced and satisfying meal plan.
The Reluctant Health Nut's Systemic Nickel Allergy Resource Site: The Diet - Getting Started, Part 2 (the "INDD" Diet) Nutrition, Detox, Health, Foundation, Allergies, Digestion Process, Gluten Sensitivity, Dietary, Detox Diet

Listed here is an updated version of the Italian Nickel Detox Diet. Adapted from the Italian online community - "ALLERGIA AL NICHEL: il gruppo originale!" (on Facebook) The "Key to the Diet" page provides a more or less direct translation of the Italian original text, and hopefully it clarifies some questions, and key concerns that Canadians and Americans have around how to manage the diet. The KEY is still too lengthy and disjointed, but that is how the Italian version reads. In time I will…

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