Number patterns

Explore the intriguing world of number patterns and mathematical sequences. Find inspiration and learn how to identify, create, and extend patterns with these top ideas.
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Friends, we are so thrilled to release Math Pack 39. There are only a few more packs to go until we round of the packs that focus on first grade and we will start plans for some more advanced packs that target skills perfect for 2nd grade. Math Pack 39 helps you teach your students to order and sequence numbers to 100, using their knowledge of place value. Our Math Packs include 5 activities that are engaging and easy to prep! This collection will help students learning to: compare numbers…

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Keep on reading to discover activities to do with the hundred chart, as well as download a free printable hundred pattern book! Follow our Math for Kids Pinterest board! Benefits of a Hundred Board Exposing children to hundred charts at an early age can be so beneficial. Not only can a hundred board serve as a math resource for younger …

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Pattern is fundamental in mathematics. After students know the basics of simple patterns - creating, continuing and making their own with shapes, colors and pictures, they will love learning to explore number patterns. A great way to begin is for students to make simple patterns with objects and then ask them to use numbers to describe their pattern. Let students make patterns with blocks and counters and label the sets with number cards. Our Pattern Penguin math craft provides a way to…

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