Off center windows

Transform your space with these creative ideas to make the most of off center windows. Enhance your decor and maximize natural light with these tips and tricks.
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My husband Sean and I recently switched rooms with the boys to give them more space to play. What I thought would be a very simple task turned into a few weeks of slowly migrating things from one room to the other, organizing closets, and decorating. Our room is much smaller now, but we really don't need the extra space. The thing that did bother me as soon as we got our bed and side tables in place was this: Anyone else's OCD alarm going off? That window is so sadly off-center and I just…

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One of my favorite house qualities is a room full of windows that let in lots of natural light—it can literally brighten your day. In reality, most homes or apartments have a mixture of rooms where some are brighter with more light and some are, well, not so bright. Our main living rooms in our new…

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The rearranging continues! Yesterday, I reoriented the bed so that it faces the doorway. I love walking into a bedroom and seeing the front of the bed rather than the side, but with a small off-center window on the far wall, I didn't think it could work for our room. Here's the "before" view walking into the room - the side of the bed. I've wanted to turn the bed for a while, but especially without a headboard, positioning a bed partially in front of a window with full length curtains can be…

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