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Why Re-Pot Orchids - Plus 4 Clues that Tell You When to Re-Pot Orchids

Before re-potting, it is important to know why and when to repot orchids. Knowing the answers will tell you if you really need to, or not

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How to Save a Dehydrated Orchid

If your orchid’s leaves are leathery, floppy, and not firm enough to resist bending backwards, your orchid is likely dehydrated. If you peak at the root system and see withered, leathery roots, that’s even more confirmation.

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Does Epsom Salt Harm or Help Your Orchid?

Orchid fertilization is not a complicated subject, but the more you immerse yourself in the different possibilities, the more fascinating it gets. Well, at least for me… I once thought that fertilizing with a balanced fertilizer, 20-20-20 year-round was sufficient. Then I read about not using one with urea nitrogen in it. Then the question came up about using Epsom Salt for fertilization. In all, is Epsom Salt good for orchids?

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Using Egghells as Fertilizer Supplements for Orchids

If you’ve grown orchids for a while, you’ve probably run across the question of using eggshells as a calcium supplement for orchid fertilizer. When you start researching what all goes into the fertilizers, it’s almost natural that you’d want to take a step back and refrain from commercially produced brands. The chemical overload in these fertilizers are nothing to joke about. The next step in this thinking process, is why not make your own? Eggshells, banana peels, tea bags, molasses, cucumber skin, potato rinds, coffee grounds… What is actually a good idea for a fertilizer supplement, and what is a pure waste of time? In this article, I’ll focus only on eggshells, and the pros and cons of using it as a fertilizer in your orchid potting mix.

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How To Make Phalaenopsis Orchids Rebloom - Smart Garden Guide

How to make phalaenopsis orchids rebloom. This article will tell you all you need to know to get your beautiful orchids blooming again and again.

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Amazing Gift ideas for any occasions including, art supplies, paintings, seeds, gardening tools, pillows

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Phalaenopsis Orchid Care For Beginners (Easy Guide) - Smart Garden Guide

Phalaenopsis orchids are some of the most stunning indoor plants. This guide shows you just how easy phalaenopsis orchid care is, even for beginners.

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A Simple Hack That Anyone With An Orchid Needs To Know

You don't need a green thumb to take care of this plant!

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Banana peel 🍌 Best fertilizer for orchids to bloom | iKnow

Banana peel - best fertilizer for orchids to bloom

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