Organic plant food

Nourish your plants and promote healthy growth with organic plant food. Discover the top organic plant food options to enhance the vitality of your garden and enjoy the rewards of vibrant, thriving plants.
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Soil mix and fertilizers are two important ingredients creating a recipe for beautiful and healthy succulents. Well-drained and porous soil is crucial in preventing root rotting in succulents. Succulents will also need fertilizers every now and then to help them grow bigger and create vibrant colors.

Liz Garcia
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Making your own homemade plant food will lower the costs of maintaining a bountiful garden by removing the need for store-bought fertilizer. And a natural fertilizer will ensure your plants stay healthy and uncontaminated by unnatural products commonly found in mass-produced fertilizer. Use these seven easy natural fertilizer recipes to make your own homemade plant food and give your backyard garden that extra boost.

Sue Carter-Bozeman