Origami techniques

Learn and explore a variety of origami techniques to create beautiful and intricate paper art. Discover step-by-step instructions, tips, and tricks to master the art of origami and bring your creations to life.
Concreate: DIY Project - Origami Bracelet..... she makes it look easy!!! Fimo, Paper Folding Designs, Paper Folding Techniques, Tesselations, Origami Architecture, Origami Lamp, Paper Architecture, Origami Bag, Origami Patterns

Inspired by the book Folding Techniques For Designers, I started folding a bunch of these and decided to turn one of them into a bracelet. I painted it, which added structure as it got wet and dried stiff and then I added a silver clasp... I've posted the folding pattern if anyone is interested in trying it out. The blue lines are valley folds and the green lines are mountain folds. The pattern can be stretched for different variations. As promised, here is my super amateur tutorial :-) Let…

Kathleen Hoovis

Foldability is a London based design studio run by Kyla McCallum, a Set Designer and Paper Artist who has been working with origami for over 10 years. We create set design, paper art, lighting, products and bespoke installations inspired by origami and geometry.

Maria Rodriguez