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According to psychologists, each color used in an advertisement tends to stir certain emotions in customers. For example, red attracts people’s attention and usually creates a sense of power, while blue makes things seem trustworthy and is often associated with courage. To increase the sales of their products marketers use a lot of different strategies, and sometimes the results turn out to be really impressive.

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To Celebrate the 30th Birthday of the Post-it note, we created a Facebook Game to remind people what's most important to us. Our friends. In an age were we are defined by the amount of Facebook friends and twitter followers we have we wanted to challenge people to prove how many of these friends they actually knew. Giant oversized Outdoor Post-it products drove people to the site.

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Driving through the streets and being impacted by images from a billboard is common. But for drivers who are close to the Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, this experience was quite different in the beginning of this month (Dec. 10th-13th ). That's because the zero-alcohol version of Brazil's best-selling premium beer Heineken 0.0 featured the “Outdoor Bar”: an unprecedented bar-shaped billboard. The activation explored new moments of consumption of Heineken 0.0…

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Urban planning is not a modern phenomenon but it has been evolving since ancient times. For example, when railways were introduced, it was a big achievement for humankind. Similarly, no one thought that high rise buildings would ever be possible during our human existence. However, mankind made great progress and started creating all kinds of things that made life simpler.

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We’re surrounded by billboards everywhere we go, and usually they’re so big, whether we like it or not, we can’t escape them. They’ve always been a part of our lives, and they’re not going anywhere, so if we have to look at them every time we’re stuck in traffic or simply crossing the road, they might […]