Over kitchen cabinet decor ideas

Transform the space above your kitchen cabinets with these creative decor ideas. Add personality and style to your kitchen by showcasing your favorite items and creating a stunning focal point.
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Not sure what to do with that awkward space between your cabinets and ceiling? I'm sharing inspiration and ideas for how to decorate above kitchen cabinets.

Kathy Gursky
When it comes to your kitchen, the little details are what make the room come alive. Have you ever noticed how the empty space above your cabinets can give the room a dull feeling? Don't worry - with a few simple tips, you can instantly spice up the area above your kitchen cabinets and give your kitchen a bright, updated look. From wall art to decorative shelves, discover the best ways to decorate above your kitchen cabinets! Design, Top Of Kitchen Cabinets Decor, Above Cabinet Decor Kitchen, Above Kitchen Cabinets Decor Ideas, Above Kitchen Cabinets Decor, Above Kitchen Cabinets, Decorating Over Kitchen Cabinets, Decorating Above Kitchen Cabinets Ideas, Decorate Top Of Kitchen Cabinets

What do you do with that empty space above kitchen cabinets? From plants and baskets, to vases and shelves, these 7 trendy ideas will help you decorate that awkward gap between your cabinets and ceiling!

Kyle Holderfield
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Stuck with what to put above your cabinets to "finish" the look of your kitchen? If you don't have a bulkhead or glassed in cabinets, then here is an idea I want to throw into the mix for styling above kitchen cabinets.

Rebecca Seals