Overnight chia pudding

Start your day off right with these delicious overnight chia pudding recipes. Discover how easy it is to prepare a nutritious and satisfying breakfast that will keep you energized all morning long.
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Chia Seeds are a nutritional powerhouse and have been called "the miracle seeds." They are packed with antioxidants, fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, and water, and are an extremely versatile ingredient that is sure to delight in both sweet and savory recipes.

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Using coconut milk, this creamy and sweet vanilla chia seed pudding takes less than 5 minutes to prepare (win!) and packs a big nutritional punch! Nourish your body at breakfast with this simple recipe, or enjoy the chia pudding in the afternoon as a nutritious and filling snack topped with fruit.

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When you can't tell if it's breakfast or dessert... that's my kind of breakfast! 😎 Not only is this Chocolate Chia Pudding a delicious breakfast OR dessert, it is also a perfectly balanced snack that will keep your blood sugar balanced. This Chocolate Chia Pudding is full of healthy fiber and contains plant-based protein. It

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