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Enhance parent-teacher communication and gain valuable insights with our effective parent questionnaire. Discover how to foster a collaborative relationship and support your child's education.
Classroom Freebies: A 'Getting to Know Your Child' Questionnaire Parents, Second Grade, Pre K, Parent Questionnaire, Parent Teacher Communication, Parent Survey, Parents As Teachers, Parenting, Getting To Know You

**UPDATE** I guess I had second grade on the original questionnaire, so I made this a little more generic for multiple grade levels. Instead of using a grade, I just said ‘this school year.’ I hope this helps you out! I love to have parents fill out this questionnaire because it not only helps me ... Read More about A ‘Getting to Know Your Child’ Questionnaire

Jennifer Reed
Parent Survey for the beginning of the year...get to know you're students and their parents better Pre K, Teacher Resources, Motivation, Parent Teacher Conferences, Parent Survey, Parent Teacher Communication, Parents As Teachers, Teacher Conferences, Teacher Organization

I'm the kind of person that likes to get ready for the next year before the end of this year. I know. You can call me crazy. It's ok. I understand. But it's the way I am. So what am I getting ready? Forms to send home during Meet and Greet: My Parent Survey (it's free!). I keep this in my communication folder. This is what I send home so that I can take pictures for my blog. I know it has my information on it, but if you need it for something else, then maybe you can use it as a template…

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Classroom Freebies: Parent Survey for Beginning of Year...I'm going to fill this out and have C give it to his teacher on the first day :) Pre K, Parents, Organisation, Teacher Resources, Parent Survey, Parent Communication, Parent Teacher Communication, Parents As Teachers, Teaching Tips

Want something to send home to your parents in the beginning of the year?? I store this in my communication folder in a plastic sleeve and store all the notes I get from parents behind this…. Come on over HERE to snag a copy. Would you like to have your printables ... Read More about Parent Survey for Beginning of Year

Desirea Brown
Open House- Meet the teacher

Open House/Meet the Teacher night was a huge success! Well, for me at least. I can't speak for the parents, but it seemed positive! I just wanted to post really quickly about what I did, and link up to some of the forms I created for Open House. With middle school, I had to have four different presentations, and we only had 8 minutes this year, so it was go, go, go right away! First, I had out the sign-in sheet, and offered parents the option of me sending them the presentation. I did this…

Allison Guice
Parent Survey, Student Survey Middle School, Student Interest Survey, Parent Questionnaire, Teaching High School, Interest Inventory Elementary, Online Teaching Resources, Student Information, Student Survey

Al the Back to School Forms you need: Parent contact information, getting to know your child parent questionnaire, volunteers, technology survey, student reading interest survey, and an all about me survey for students are all included.

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