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Cook perfect al dente pasta with these must-have pasta pots. Explore top-rated pasta pot options that will elevate your pasta dishes to the next level.
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Recipe video above. For One-Pot-Pasta Cynics (and Italian cooking pursists), there's a special message for you at the top of the post! :)This recipe is everything you love about Spaghetti Bolognese - the rich, thick tomato sauce, full flavoured (never bland!), made from scratch WITH the pasta in one pot! Excellent big batch cooking, keeps well. Tomato passata (aka tomato puree) is the key here for an instant thick, rich sauce rather than cooking down crushed tomato.Pasta types - long, short…

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This One Pot Creamy Hummus Pasta takes only a few simple ingredients, one pot, and 20 minutes to prepare! The instant silky sauce is so satisfying and full of flavor, you'll have a hard time believing you whipped it up yourself. As someone who must, at all times, have a gargantuan tub of hummus within...Read More »

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